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Go Karts

Go Karts - 16 Points

5 minute ride


  • Single kart: driver must be at least 54″ tall
  • Double kart: driver must be at least 18 years old, passenger must be over 3 years old
  • Shoes required

Adventure Mini-Golf - 20 Points

18 Holes of Adventure Mini-Golf

One of the most challenging 18 holes of miniature golf you will ever play. The course features waterfalls and a unique southern Louisiana theme.


  • Players 10 years or younger require a chaperone
  • Non-players are not allowed on the course unless:
    • Supervising a child under 10 years old
    • Assisting a special needs player or children under 44″
  • Fees will be charged for lost balls ($2) or broken clubs ($30)
  • Shoes required


We have one of the biggest game rooms in the area! Our arcade includes a variety of skill games and video games. We also have the coolest redemption games that pay out tickets that can be redeemed for awesome prizes for all ages.

  • see card swipers for the amount of points needed to play

Playport - 20 Points


  • All day play
  • Players must be 10 years old or younger and 60″ or shorter and have a chaperone in the gated area at all times
Laser Tag

LASER Tag - 16 Points

7 1/2 minute round

Challenge your friends and foes in our Reactor Field LASER tag arena. Designed for multiple players so you can build a team or enter into a free-for-all match to see who is the LASER Tag champion! With our interactive arena, you can collect power ups to enter and destroy enemy bases, but be wary of the leaking Reactor in the center of the field. It’s a fast-action game played in a black lit arena with special lighting effects, interactive intelligent devices, swirling fog and a thumping soundtrack.


  • Games are scheduled at the main counter
  • Player must be at least 7 years old
  • Shoes required
  • Must be dry to participate
Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Pricing Options

  • 20 pitch round = 4 points
  • 30 minute rental – $30
  • 1 hour rental – $50
  • Call 24 hours ahead to reserve a batting cage for 1 hour for only $40

7 state of the art cages

  • Fully covered – bat rain or shine
  • Baseball: 40, 50, 60, 70 MPH
  • Softball: slow or fast pitch
  • 3 Select-a-Pitch Cages featuring height adjustments


  • 6 years old to bat closely supervised by an adult or 12 years old unsupervised
  • 16 years old for 70 MPH
  • Helmet with face mask
  • We furnish bats and helmets
  • Enclosed toe shoes must be worn

Cage details

  • Cage 1 – Baseball 50-60-70 or Softball Slow Pitch
  • Cage 2 – Baseball 40
  • Cage 3 – Baseball 40-50-60 or Softball Slow Pitch
  • Cage 4 – Baseball 40-50-60
  • Cage 5 – Baseball 40 or Softball Slow Pitch
  • Cage 6 – Softball Fast Pitch
  • Cage 7 – Softball Slow Pitch

Bump 'N' Blast Boats - 16 Points

5 minute ride

Are you ready to be part of a water invasion in a Tiki paradise? Hop into one of our water blasting burmper boats and take aim at anyone who stands in your way. Bump one of three lit targets and get blasted by the mysterious Tiki statues on the fierce pirate’s cannon. Beware of the threats ashore! Spectators are now armed and dangerous with water blasting cannons. So no one will escape dry.


  • Single rider: driver must be at least 5 years old
  • Double rider: driver must be at least 18 years old, passenger must be at least 3 years old & 50″ tall
  • Shoes required
Spin Zone

Spin Zone Bumper Cars - 16 Points

5 minute ride

Enter the Spin Zone! Grab hold of the handles to move forward or backward and zoom and revolve around the arena. Watch out…your opponents will be aiming for two targets on your car! If they bump either one of your targets and activate the “Spin Zone,” your car will go into an uncontrollable spin! But have no fear…you can also send your opponents and friends into a tizzy.


  • Single rider: driver must be at least 5 years old & 36″ tall
  • Doulbe rider: driver must be at least 18 years old, passenger must be at least 3 years old & 50″ tall
  • Must be dry to participate
  • Shoes required
Kiddie Kart

Kiddie Karts - 14 Points

5 minute ride; separate track with 3 karts


  • Must be at least 36” tall
  • Shoes required
Kiddie Train

Kiddie Train - 14 Points

5 minute ride


  • This train is designed for children; therefore a rider must be 3 – 12 years old
  • No adults
  • Maximum height 60″
Battle Botz

Battle Botz -14 Points

one 3-minute round

Fight your opponent to the finish in your very own robust robot boxing machine!


  • Minimum age: 7 years old
  • Minimum height: 42″
  • Fully closed-toe and closed-back shoes required
Water Wars

Water Wars - 14 Points

10 balloons per player

Water wars is an interactive, entertaining, competitive and refreshing attraction where people ages 3 to 83 launch 10 water filled balloons from within opposing battle stations.

The object? Get your opponent wet and have fun, especially on our hot Louisiana days and nights.


  • Need 2 to play and must be strong enough to pull slingshots
  • Always wise to bring your towels to dry off
  • Shoes required
Castle Clash

Castle Clash - 14 Points

two 3-minute rounds, all ages

Challenge your friends and family to a duel against medieval water shooting dragons and cannons. Beware of the many hidden water hazards – no one will escape dry!

Castle Clash is the only water game of its type in Acadiana.


  • Shoes required

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NOTE: Guests with rehabilitating injuries may participate in arcade and mini golf only.
Guests that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot participate in any activities.