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Kart Ranch is pleased to offer an awesome and exciting new program for the upcoming school year: School Spirit Night!

On a designated weekday night from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 15% of our sales to participants from your school will be donated back to your school. You can schedule one per month, one per quarter, or even one per year.

This is a fantastic program for fundraising for your school as well as promoting family-friendly fun and togetherness during the week. We have an extensive menu from burgers to chicken nuggets to pizza, so you won’t even have to worry about cooking dinner before you come! Kart Ranch offers both inside and outside activities, so weather won’t affect an evening of enjoyment.

Ideas to get a strong turnout from your families:

  • Set up the date(s) ahead of time and publicize in the school newsletter, website, and daily announcements
  • Offer an incentive for participating children, such as offering a Free Dress pass
  • Send home a Kart Ranch flyer with the students which details pricing, activities, and age/height requirements for the various attractions
  • Ask the teachers to encourage students to participate

Call us at 837-5278 for more details and to schedule your School Spirit Night!